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Adrian Woodward

Technical Director

Lighting the Stage for the Nerja Players


The passion for Adrian Woodward is to make any theatrical experience come to life with lighting and sound effects. That is why he joined the Nerja Players some 10 years ago after a lifetime of working as a lighting designer with theatre groups in the UK, mainly as an amateur but also in professional theatre. He says “The job of a lighting designer is to bring the play or musical to life on the stage and to give the director the ‘look’ that they required for their production.” 

He took on the job with the Nerja Players when they did not have a technician and, over the years, has introduced new lighting and sound equipment into the group to make the productions that little bit more professional.

“Lighting a show is an art form and it adds so much to performance. The actors sense the fact that when the lights go up, they are being portrayed in a situation where the senses of the audience are being tricked into thinking it’s a warm sunny morning or a cold winter evening or its ghostly and so on.”

“The technicalities have moved on over the years and the shows we put on now use computer control for the lighting and the sound effects are digitally recorded thus improving the quality and reliability in production”.

“Of course, a lot of work goes on before the show, getting the sound effects and music together and editing them to get the results just right and going to rehearsals so that the actors can get used to the effects.”

Anyone interested in trying their hand at the technical side of theatre would be made most welcome as he is looking for a deputy.